Pillars of Mobile Marketing

There are eight essential elements that support successful mobile marketing. These are the things that you can do to help ensure your success when embarking on mobile marketing. Once you realize that many of the elements that create success in mobile marketing also create success in other areas of your business, you’ll be on board.

1. Crafting Individual Personas – You should know your audience enough to be able to craft individual personas to whom you’ll be writing all your marketing messages, be they blog posts, email messages or social media updates. Knowing who you’re trying to communicate with is half the battle of any successful marketing message.

2. Understanding Your Brand – Take the time to understand your own brand and what that means. What are you trying to represent to the world? When they see you on social media, in their email, and on your blog, what do you want them to think about you and your brand? Are you doing a good job conveying that message?

3. Integrating Multiple Technologies – With mobile marketing it’s imperative that you know how to work with many different forms of technology and channels of communication with your audience. If you can’t do it, find someone to help you who can.

4. Knowing Which Channels Matter – The way you know which channels matter is by knowing your brand inside and out, your niche well, and your audience. Where are they? Where do you need to communicate with them? Marketing to them on their terms will mean more than trying to pull them where you want them.

5. Valuing Customer Relationship Management – Nothing is more important than your customers. After all, without them you would not exist. Your customers aren’t there for you; you are there for them. You need to value that relationship in a big way and stay connected to them as much as possible through a variety of means.

6. Creating Mobile Marketing Strategies – Don’t try to create one marketing strategy for everything. Instead, create a special mobile marketing strategy just like you would create a blog marketing strategy or an app marketing strategy. Each works together but each exists on their own too.

7. Developing Mobile Marketing Tactics – Until you understand the difference between tactics and strategy you’ll have a hard time implementing. Tactics are all about implementing the strategy. It’s the things you do each day that bring it all together.

8. Auditing Metrics Regularly – One of the most important pillars of mobile marketing happens to be a pillar in most marketing efforts. If you cannot justify and quantify what is working and what is not working by studying the numbers, then you can’t know what is working so that you can do more of it.

Mobile marketing isn’t much different from any other type of marketing. You need a plan, goals and a strategy and tactics to ensure that you meet your mobile marketing goals. When you understand that, you can be successful in whatever you do.

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