Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Marketing

List building do’s and don’tsDO’S :-

Do review your website design and navigation:

Keep the navigation of your website very simple and easy. It should not be complex so that a visitor gets annoyed. Your website should be well-organized, dynamic and user-friendly. The website should be attractive, appealing and eye-catching, so that when a user lands, he gets fascinated.

Do Search Engine Optimization:

Do SEO so that the website ranks at the top in the organic search results. Choose the keywords that you think the users are likely to use for a certain topic. Use the correct strategy for the SEO. The different terms used in optimization such as: On-page, Off-page, linking and personalization, should be well-known.

Do write a blog for your website:

Blog writing is the latest feature that helps businesses today. Blogs help you bring more traffic to your website and helps increase popularity about your niche. Make use of RSS feeds in your blogs, so that the user gets notified of updates whenever they’re made.

Do make use of Social Media:

As you know, social media is a very hot medium in today’s world of IM, so you should use it as much as you can. Social sites allow you to make your post viral. The more traffic, the more viral your content will be. It helps increase your brand popularity.

Do make use of Pay-per-click advertising:

In addition to SEO, pay-per-click advertising can very beneficial. This can help you to appear earlier on search results. Combined with SEO, this can be an excellent advertising tool. A benefit of using this is that you only have to pay when a user clicks on it.


DON’TS :- 

Don’t use duplicate content:

Always use fresh and new content to get better results. In the field of online marketing, using the same content that other websites use is not acceptable. Your business website can be banned if caught copying the content. Also, it’s better to keep updating your content on a frequent basis.

Don’t like your own posts:

It’s not advisable to like your own post to get more likes. This creates a negative impression on the users. This won’t help in extending your reach, either. You should develop a habit of posting at regular time intervals, also.

Don’t advertise an incomplete website:

Until your website is fully functional or complete, do not advertise it. Examine the web-servers, newsgroups and lists to announce your website. You can encourage your colleagues to embed your website links in their web-pages, so it becomes viral and starts generating good revenue.

Don’t use long messages:

Using long and boring messages is never accepted by visitors. Never use long messages, quotes, replies or posts. Your messages should always be short and precise. No one is interested in reading your lengthy content. Everyone in today’s world is busy and lacks time, so use concise and attractive content.

Don’t forget about mobile users:

Always create a mobile responsive site, so that it is easier to use and in turn you may receive a positive response. According stats by Forbes, 87% of sales till 2017, will be generated by mobile phones and smart phones. So, whenever creating a website, always think about the mobile users.

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