Ad Extensions: What Are They and How Can You Use Them?

When you place a pay per click (PPC) advertisement, there are many ways to enhance your advertisement so that it works harder to produce the results you desire. One of these ways is to use ad extensions. Essentially, an ad extension is special format for advertisements online that help extra information show on a search result.

Not all ad extensions show, even if you’ve enabled them or added them. Many factors, such as how high your advertisement shows up on the search engine, will affect whether the algorithm determines that extra is needed for the consumer to make a good choice. Your ad will be compared to another ad, and as you learn more you can improve the likelihood of extensions showing for your ads.

There are several extensions that you can use, such as:

* Social Extensions – This extension is an automatic extension that you can include just because you have a Google+ account or other social account that you list.

* Location Extension – This is a special extension that you have to set up with Google Business and go through a bit of proving that your business is real.

* Seller or Consumer Ratings – An automatic extension that will appear if you fill out the information and someone has made a rating or written a review about your business.

* Call Extension – A manual extension that you can add if you want people to have the ability to click to call you from the search result.

* Sitelinks – Another manual choice that allows you to add the link to your site. Those who see the search results for your site can click on it.

* Callout Extensions – This extension allows you to put extra information and descriptive text for the searcher to help them make a choice of what to click on.

* Previous Visits – This is an automatic extension that shows the searcher whether or not they’ve clicked through this particular site before.

There are many other extensions and more being created all the time that you can add to your PPC ads. Using ad extensions offers increased visibility for your business as well as helps make it easier for a customer searching for your business to find what they want. By providing as much information as possible, you allow searchers to determine if your link is right for them before they click through.

Most extensions don’t actually cost anything to add, but they do offer more opportunities for a person searching to click through. Plus, it requires a little more thought and time to put them together.

Ads with extensions generally appear higher in search results, which causes them to be a lot more effective in producing the results that you want.

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